Cashmere Merino Wrap - Light Grey


    Made in New Zealand, our generously sized pure cashmere merino wrap, scarf and shawl garments will add class and style to any outfit; available in 22 beautiful shades. A multi-functional unisex piece that is fabulous draped over a dress in the warmer months or looped to create a luxurious scarf in winter while doubling as a cuddly blanket for the sofa or the plane.

    • Measures 215x80cm (85x32")
    • 70% merino, 30% cashmere.


    This finest quality 100% natural 2 ply yarn was carefully chosen; cashmere for softness and warmth and merino for the durability its long and strong fibres add, ensure this will be one of your longest lasting knitwear pieces! Knitted on a 12 gauge knitting machine (slightly tighter than normal to ensure it doesn't catch on everything!) this garment is soft, lightweight with exceptional drape.