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How to Wash

Luke warm hand wash or machine wash separately (front loader only – wool cycle) in wool detergent. Do not soak, bleach, rub or wring

Rinse and squeeze out excess water. Roll in towel to remove rest of water. Dry flat away from direct heat or sunlight.



Cover garment with a clean cotton cloth and use a steam iron on a wool setting.


Tumble Drying

We do not recommend tumble drying. Tumble drying wears your clothes out faster. Just think of all that fluff and fibre you have to remove from the filter each time. That's your clothing wearing out! Tumble drying is also expensive in terms of energy. 


Dry Cleaning

We never have anything dry cleaned. We don’t like the chemicals used, or the smell they leave behind in the clothes and in the atmosphere.


Enemies of your Merino

Apart from not being washed properly, Superfine Merino gear has two other enemies:

  • Sharp pointy things that can snag the fabric causing holes and runs

  • Moths


Keeping your knitwear in a draw is preferable to the wardrobe where it can be exposed to moth.  We also recommend you purchase a “Clothes Moth Trap’ from your local supermarket or hardware store. These easy to use, eco-friendly and poison free traps have a natural pheromone to attract clothes moths onto the sticky board.

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