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Merino Queen was created out of a love of fashion and the inability to find the right knitwear pieces for my wardrobe.


Originally established in 2010, the business was regrettably put on hold in 2012, due to the complex nature of producing fully fashioned knitwear and the associated difficulty in finding a manufacturer who was prepared to produce such product in the small quantities I required at a competitive price point.


Today, I have partnered up with a small but experienced New Zealand manufacturer keen to work with me to grow my business. 


With a little more experience under my belt I have decided to build the business from the ground up and will commence with my best selling product; the Cashmere-Merino blend Travel Wrap.


In the meantime enjoy one of our beautiful wraps, a truly versatile garment that will add a touch of class to every outfit!


Anna Weir

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