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Cashmere + Merino = Cashino!

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

'Cashino' is a premium fibre made from a blend of cashmere hair from Kashmir goats and merino wool from sheep.

Why Cashino?

At Merino Queen it was our desire to provide a premium quality product at an affordable price. With this in mind we carefully selected a unique blend of 30% cashmere and

70% merino to create a luxury fibre that combines the qualities of our two favourite fibres; cashmere for its warmth and softness and merino for the durability its long and strong fibres bring.

Pure Cashmere, while the ultimate in luxury, tends to produce a rather delicate garment that generally requires hand washing and is prone to pilling. Merino by contrast is a longer and stronger fibre that requires less care when washing and wearing.

This results in a more durable garment that requires less maintenance but still retains the wonderful softness and warmth of cashmere, at an affordable price.

Cashino vs Pure Cashmere?

A comparison between the two yarns based on 4 factors:

1. Look

The physical difference is barely discernible to the naked eye, in fact your cashino garment should look nicer for longer due to the fact it doesn’t pill like cashmere.

2. Touch

Cashmere is softer, lighter and 'fluffier' than Cashino, but unless you have some cashmere on hand to make a direct comparison you would probably describe the difference as subtle. The Barrow & Grove cashmere sweater below left is used to make visual comparison to the cashino on the right. In the video below the cashmere is on the top.

3. Ease of Care

Cashino is much easier to care for than pure cashmere and can be thrown in the washing machine. Furthermore you won’t have to spend hours de-pilling it!

4. Durability

Cashino wins hand down! Merino’s long and strong fibres produce a more durable garment that stands up to rigorous wearing and machine washing.

Our Guarantee

All our products are designed and produced with great care and attention to detail, and we hope you will be delighted with them. If for any reason you’re not, return them unused within 14 days of purchase and we will refund or exchange them, no questions asked.

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